Adventure Awaits Collection

These hardcover travel style notebook covers are 6 inches high x 4 inches wide. They have a ½ spine with a single internal elastic and a cover closure band.
These journal covers are designed to hold field note sized inserts- 5 ½ X 3 ½ inches, they can also accommodate passport sized books or A6 sized inserts. The ½ spine can hold 1 to 3 inserts depending on their thickness.
Vegan friendly – made with paper and non animal based glue

Let your imagination wander. With this irresistible collection of traveler’s notebooks featuring different maps, it is sure to find its way home again. Every day is a journey and adventure awaits around every corner. These delightfully portable journal covers are small enough for your bag or pocket.
As your faithful companion they will keep your thoughts and sketches safe while on the road. If you’ve ever gone grocery shopping the day before thanksgiving, you need one of these travel journals in your life. The maps might not lead you home, maybe they’ll take you somewhere better. Go explore, let me know where you end up.

I’ve been a bookbinder for over 20years. Since 2014 I’ve been making these paper based travel journals. While they won’t endure the trail for 10+ years like their leather cousins, they will last awhile. I’ve had 3 in my bag going on 2 years now and they are still going strong. They make a durable and affordable beginner’s journal.

Materials- decorative paper, reclaimed matboard, elastic

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