Beloved Character Collection

Explorer travel notebooks, plan an adventure or your day.
This is the beloved character collection

Experience the magic of a reusable, refillable journal cover
Recycled children’s book, 8 ¾ inches high by 6 ¼ inches wide, fits A5 sized inserts!
Reinforced spine, expandable to 1 inch, single elastic insert holder with closure band
These covers can accommodate several inserts or a store bought 8 ½ x 5 ½ inch sketchbook

How jealous will your friends be when they see you planning your next orlando, southern california, or even more exotic adventure in one of these irresistible enchanting travel notebooks?
Long after your magical dream trip, you’ll still have this great reminder on your desk or in your bag.
You’ll never forget the laughter and fun, but only if you buy now. There are many super fans out there but very few of these very limited travel notebooks. Treat yourself, these covers are highly sought after and a trip must have.

Straight from central florida to you
I’ve been making travel style notebooks for 3 years now. In keeping with my love of reusing discarded items, instead of working with leather i repurpose old books for these fabulous limited edition covers.

Materials- made with previously loved children’s books, elastic, and just a little magic

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