I’m Laura. I run this one woman show. I make the books around here. I take the pictures. I run the social media. I even built this website! I have a degree in bookbinding and printmaking from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I travel when I can.  My favorite food is pizza. I’m a netflix addict. Want to know more? Follow me on social media. Just look for whittamoreworld.

After you pay and I drop it off at the post office. I aim to ship orders the next day.  For domestic orders I use Priority Shipping.  I know you want it and I know you want it now! I do my best to get it there as quick as possible.

I ship everything through the United States Postal Service- USPS

Please note– I don’t control how long a package takes to reach you.

International orders– You could face import duties/fees/taxes, you must pay them if you want your package. I can’t pay them, it’s against the law for me to do so. Don’t get mad with me. I don’t make the laws.

You betcha. I’ll do my best to help you out and create the book of your dreams. I have over 20yrs of bookbinding experience and I love experimental binding.

Contact me with your ideas.

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